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More Teasing From BioWare On Suspected Shadow Realms IP

More Teasing From BioWare On Suspected Shadow Realms IP

Shadow Realms

A new teaser for the suspected Shadow Realms IP from BioWare has been released and it is looking like it could be very interesting

Last week we covered a newly teased IP from BioWare that most have been calling Shadow Realms. That’s not official but it makes sense given all of the build up to the first teaser video for whatever BioWare and EA are putting together. Speaking of, the point here is that we have the latest teaser for the supposed Shadow Realms.

Obviously we will carry on with the speculation fun for Shadow Realms but I think you should have a look at the latest teaser trailer that has been released. I personally think that it now confirms the concept of the game or at least some part of the story. Here, have a look.

So this is the third look at what is playing out like the idea behind Heroes here for Shadow Realms. This would be the third person whom appears to have special abilities and no clue how to control them or where they came from. This could also be like the inFAMOUS series as well but this wouldn’t the first time this concept was used to drive a great story overall. Granted that is me speculating on just the content of these little teaser trailers for the supposed Shadow Realms.

It would be interesting to find out that overall story for Shadow Realms was something along the lines of these people were originally from a dimension where everyone had powers like this. There have just been dampeners in place so no one ever had to worry about it… until a nefarious person with dimensional powers forced these people to swap dimensions with a person from a dimension where none of these powers exist. That would be why they are confused and scared that all these crazy things happen around them as it had always been suppressed.

I doubt that is the idea behind Shadow Realms here but I like to have fun. Hopefully we will find out more next week when EA has their press briefing at Gamescom. Shadow Realms could be part of the “and more” that has already been teased for the event. It would also fit in with their release tables for these little teases. I guess we’ll see.

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