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Is Sony Teasing Until Dawn For Gamescom 2014?

Is Sony Teasing Until Dawn For Gamescom 2014?

Until Dawn

Two new teasers clips have popped up from Sony surrounding something to be revealed at Gamescom. Could it be Until Dawn?

I remember two years ago being so excited for Until Dawn when it was announced at Gamescom during the PlayStation press briefing. Then the title from Supermassive Games, which was slated to use the PS Move to its full extent, kind of just vanished. No word from anyone and then no word at all from anyone over at the developer/publisher for Until Dawn. Like I said when it was announced, “It looks like a teen horror game I’d love.” Then it died like the villain of the game caught it before it could jump out the window to safety.

Well, speculation has arisen that Until Dawn will be shown off at Gamescom next week based on a few little video clips that Sony has dropped online to tease an announcement. The speculation of course stemming from the blood, axes, and ice theme that looked to be present during Until Dawn‘s initial announcement in 2012. At least that is my hope as what we’ve been shown for Until Dawn up until now has had me hoping to have a reason to break out the PS Move controllers again.

Have a look for yourself here and see if you think it could be a possible Until Dawn update.

Teaser #1



Teaser #2


Another odd speculation is that this isn’t Until Dawn but a tease for Resident Evil 7. That seems a lot less likely to me though. Why would Sony be teasing another publisher’s title, which we can be pretty sure won’t be console exclusive, over a title that is Sony’s property? That just doesn’t make sense to me but apparently that is the other speculation other than Until Dawn. Silly internets…

None the less we will be finding out if this is Until Dawn on Tuesday (8/12/14) at 10am PST/1pm EST. That is at least my hope as it would make sense for Until Dawn to have been given the PS4 upgrade given the announcement and the release of the console. What do you think though? What else could Sony be teasing? Place your thoughts below in the comments.