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Until Dawn Looks Like A Teen Horror I’d Love To Play

Until Dawn Looks Like A Teen Horror I’d Love To Play

Until Dawn

Sony announces Until Dawn for the PS3 during their press conference at Gamescom 2012

During the Sony press conference at Gamescom 2012 there were a few new IPs announced, but the one that caught my attention the most was Until Dawn. A new survival horror game that was designed with the PS Move in mind. Yea, I know that is where the selling point kind of loses a lot of people. I know I’m no fan of motion controls in the least bit, but they can be done right. Sorcery being an example of how I see it being done well. But there is much more than that to sell me on the title.

Looking past the controls, I can see potential in a game that has its roots in a genre of entertainment I love. Watch the trailer below and tell me that doesn’t look like all of the horror films pumped out that get semi-good to rave reviews by horror fans. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

It has all of the basic elements that pack theaters am I right? Pre-marital sex, creepy cabin in the woods, burlap sacks for masks and it all ends with a scantily clad woman being pulled through a door’s window. All the things that make the genre fun. Unless using the Move controller to use items in game is ridiculously broke, I can honestly see Until Dawn gathering one of those “cult followings” I hear about.

I am ready for more details Sony, so please bring it. Please sell me on the controls so I can have yet another new franchise to pine over.