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Sony Is Reinventing Horror But Is It Until Dawn?

Sony Is Reinventing Horror But Is It Until Dawn?

Until Dawn

The third teaser for what PlayStation is going to reveal at Gamescom is out and points more at Until Dawn

We are now only a day away from finding out if Sony is teasing Until Dawn in their teaser videos leading up to their Gamescom conference. Now that we are only a mere day away we also have received yet another teaser with a bit more looking like it is a PS4 version of Until Dawn. Each of the last two looked to being pointing in that direction and the most recent almost looks to confirm.

If you want to see for yourself here is that latest teaser video. Even though it is only seconds of anything it has that Until Dawn feel about it here. Especially with the view of what could be considered the villain of whatever Sony is teaser here for Gamescom. Just look and see if you see anything different.

I know that the other idea behind this would be some form of announcement of Resident Evil 7 instead of Until Dawn, at least that has been the other speculation out there, but at a glance it doesn’t feel that way anymore. At least to me. That and you would think that they would tease something more like REinventing horror if it was RE and not Until Dawn or some deviation of it. At least I think so.

None the less we should have answers tomorrow when Sony tells us if it has kept the horror title in the works or not. Personally I am still hopeful it is Until Dawn even if the name may have changed. Although if it is I do hope that all the Move ideas for it have hit the cutting room floor or been worked around for the PS4 scheme and lack of camera requirement.

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