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Have A Look At The War With The Half-Breeds In The Order: 1886

Have A Look At The War With The Half-Breeds In The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886

A new developer diary has been released for The Order: 1886 and it takes us behind the scenes of the war between Humans and the Half-Breeds

It was revealed at E3 that there would be Lycans in The Order: 1886 and now we get to see how they “evolved” and have gone to war in the game. It is sounding very Underworld-like now but it still doesn’t mean this isn’t looking to be a fun and exciting game. None the less, Ready At Dawn has given us a nice long look at how they designed the monsters as well as the mentality behind building the Lycans for The Order: 1886. Yea, still doesn’t sit right when I say that. I may need to think of another term for Lycans.


What we do learn here is a bit on the tech side more than anything gameplay related for The Order: 1886. Like the fact that Ready At Dawn had to build a way to completely change the models and materials for the Lycan characters as they didn’t want to use “cheap tricks” to alter what we will see. If you watch the video below you will see the characters go from human into werewolf (that feels better) without the usual model swap during a cut away shot. Only a few out there might get how impressive this actually is on the tech side but all can see the visual awesomeness.

There is also a bit on how they are not dumb Hulk-like characters but retain all of their intelligence and reasoning. I had no doubt about that as with everything else in The Order: 1886 it would have felt like the easy way out if they did. I’ll leave the better explanation to the guys from Ready At Dawn though as they are way more “in the know” than I.

Also, as a side note in case you missed it, there has been a Premium Edition for The Order: 1886 announced. It comes with a bad ass statue showing off the Elder Lycan (yep, nope) in battle as well as a whole other set of goodies for The Order: 1886. You can have a closer look via this handy little image that I will link for you just below these words. I’m just glad that it’s not called a Collector’s Edition but that is for my own weird reasons and sanity.

The Order: 1886 - Premium Edition

The Order: 1886 – Premium Edition