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Looks Like We Can Spoil One Way To Play The First Mission Of Thief

Looks Like We Can Spoil One Way To Play The First Mission Of Thief


We have a new 17 minutes of Thief gameplay. Let’s see how to tackle the first mission in stealth mode.

Not to be outdone by South Park, it looks like we have the first minutes of Thief to spoil. Not just the first minutes but the entire first mission of the game. From start to finish. Nothing clipped out either, so HUGE spoiler alert before you continue on. You’ve been warned.

Moving on.

So we get to see Garrett’s first trip back into The City in Thief here. Now while I did mention the spoiler alert before it does need to be noted that is only the case if you want to take the extreme stealth path in this mission. Well stealth as well as stealing everything that isn’t nailed down or keistered by a guard. Also mix in a bit of the violent play as well in the manner of knocking out a few people so it isn’t the full extreme that one could go in playing this mission stealthy.

I also have to say that after seeing this new Thief walk-through “Bitch, how you not Dishonored re-purposed to bring back an old franchise?” I am not kidding when I say I was watching this Thief footage and completely expected to see all of the supernatural powers to pop up on the action wheel. Even down to the fact that you can’t be seen if it is a little dark and you are in the enemy’s peripheral vision you can’t be seen. Hopefully there is an explanation in the story as to why the city guards all seem to be blind and useless.

If you don’t believe me you can watch the Thief footage below. You’ve had plenty of time to be spoiler warned here so do as you are going to do. As I’ve said before, I really hope the story for this Thief is top notch as it is going to have to deal with all of the ridicule for playing like a mod of other titles now. Even if those titles were originally inspired by the previous Thief titles there is still going to be the comparisons.

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