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Looks Like Dying Light Is Taking A Page From The Walking Dead

Looks Like Dying Light Is Taking A Page From The Walking Dead

Dying Light

There is a new trailer for Dying Light that focuses on the ‘Human’ element of the game and who the real monsters are…

As has been seen multiple times over, Dying Light is mostly about free running and surviving the end of the world by zombies. There has always been the human element in the trailers and gameplay shown but now it looks like Dying Light is showing off how other NPC humans in the game are going to be as messed up as some of the greatest characters in The Walking Dead universe. Which is cool, but it kind of changes what I thought Dying Light was going to be all about. Mind you, not in a bad way but in some way.

Just in case you are wondering where all of this is coming from, I direct your eyes below where you will see a new trailer for Dying Light. It shows some new and some old game footage but it revolves around the above theme. Could Dying Light be a better version of the action game that poorly tied into the TV show? It could but it also will be getting loads of parallels now and moving forward. Not just from myself either. You sit and wait. You’ll see them all come pouring in here sooner or later.

That being said, I am still greatly looking forward to Dying Light to come to my home and continue on the great experiences I have found in the developer’s previous titles. All kinds of fun mixed in with zombie killing and gore. Everything a growing gamer needs in this world. Am I right? Of course I am. Here’s the new trailer for you to enjoy now.

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