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Looks Like No Evolve For Those PS4 Owners For Halloween

Looks Like No Evolve For Those PS4 Owners For Halloween


An update on the big Evolve alpha for PS4 owners dictates that the new system update has ruined things for those hoping to play

Looks like we got a trick for Turtle Rock Studios and 2K games for those who were looking forward to playing the hell out of Evolve over the Halloween weekend. According to the Evolve Big Alpha blog it would seem that the latest 2.0 update for the PS4 firmware is causing issues and that the PS4 alpha is being postponed. Postponed to when they have not stated yet as 2K and PlayStation are working on solving the issue.

So let me get this straight… An update to the system firmware has caused an issue where no one can play Evolve on the PS4? Not even those who have not updated their system yet? Or the fact that Turtle Rock has not compensated for the update as I am sure they had a clue about that months before this alpha was to take place. To me this seems like they just don’t have the server system ready to handle everything as there were issues with the Xbox One and PC versions already. This seems like the easy way out instead of owning up the mistakes.

Okay, so the first complaint is kind of moot as PlayStation requires the update to go online but I find it hard to believe that a firmware update has caused these great of issues. If that is the case then how can we assume that once Evolve officially launches we won’t see issues when we got to 3.0 or 4.0 firmwares for the PS4? That just seems like poor coding if it isn’t just a server thing that 2K, Turtle Rock, PlayStation were not ready for after seeing how hard the Xbox One and PC versions were hit. This is all speculation of course and no concrete information on that at all.

None the less, as a solution to whatever the fuck up was if you were planning on playing on the PS4 and now can’t you can go and get a code for the PC or XB1 versions of Evolve. Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Go to http://www.evolvegame.com/bigalpha

Step 2: Fill out the form completely including the registration code, referral code, and a valid email

Step 3: Check your email for an official invite with your product voucher code

Step 4: Redeem the product voucher code on the platform of your choice to download the game

Registration Code: 05379-29749-32069

Referral Code: EvolveBigAlpha4v1

Hopefully this issue will get resolved sooner than later for Evolve. I was overly excited to give it a whirl at home but now that I don’t have an XB1 or a PC that can run Evolve at decent settings. Hopefully it will be over another Holiday weekend so all of those PS4 gamers will be able to fully enjoy Evolve to its full extent.


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