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Looks Like Watch Dogs Will Let You Hack Anything, Including Steam Pipes

Looks Like Watch Dogs Will Let You Hack Anything, Including Steam Pipes

Watch Dogs

We have a few more Watch Dogs screen shots to help expand on how the game looks and what you can hack.

Yesterday we got a release date for Watch Dogs and a story trailer. Also peppered in were a few new rumors and speculation that have been debunked. Things like resolution lowering and features removed from Watch Dogs. Also things that I won’t touch on as they appear to be all internet hearsay and/or small blogs trying to grab attention. For shame all of you.

So why even bring it up? Well, to show we stay current and to give us a nice segue into the following screen shots that we have for Watch Dogs. It even looks like most of these weren’t lifted directly from the trailer we had and are completely new. New and showing off a bit of what is ‘hackable’ during the game or people you will run into during Watch Dogs. Have a look and we’ll continue the discussion after you have been able to soak them all in.

So everything is still looking nice with all of the ‘outcry’ of downgrade. It does catch me as odd that one of the items listed that Aiden has hacked is a steampipe though. Not something from a company called steampipe but an actual steampipe. I’ll go with the assumption that it is actually the controls for the flow of the pip and not the actual metal tube that guides the hot vapors one direction or another. It just sits weird that is how it would be described. That is unless he is a universe hacker that can literally hack anything. He would be more of a ‘Will Worker’ then but that is semantics.

What say you? What stands out to you here? Let us know below.

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