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Love Is Further In The Air With The Release Date For Titanic: A Space Between

Love Is Further In The Air With The Release Date For Titanic: A Space Between

Titanic: A Space Between

Head into the Titanic on Valentine’s Day with the release of Titanic: A Space Between on the PC VR platform

Get ready to take a plunge back into some horror and a massive sunken ship with the release date set for Titanic: A Space Between. A release date that will also be hitting us on that special day of love everyone goes all crazy for. Thankfully, for those that have no love, Globiss Interactive will be cracking a champagne bottle on the PC VR version of Titanic: A Space Between on February 14th. Then you will not need to sit and watch the film version of the story and just dive into a time travel and horror version of the story. Those looking to experience it all on the PSVR 2 are going to have to wait just a bit longer than that, though.

In Titanic: A Space Between, we will be transported back to the sinking of the ship while we also explore the horrors of time travel in the mix too. All because we are heading back to find another lost traveler in the mix of the panic of everything. Panic we will also need to overcome since we find ourselves in the bowels of the ship and need to also figure out how to escape the Titanic too. Also, there are ghosts already haunting us on the ship to make things even more difficult. Have a look and see the panic-inducing gameplay we can expect to have in a few weeks when it opens up the floodgates on the Meta Quest in time for Valentine’s Day. It looks like it will also break some hearts in the mix of things.

Titanic: A Space Between — Release Date

Titanic: A Space Between is a time-travel horror virtual reality adventure where players get sent back to the RMS Titanic. With a focus on realism and immersion, this multi-layered horror experience provides an extensive mix of puzzles and escape mechanics interwoven in a riveting story.

Titanic: A Space Between launches on the Meta Quest store this 14th of February on PC VR and PSVR 2 versions will arrive at a later date.


  • Horrors Of Time-Travel: Become Hendrik van Eden, a specialist who gets sent back to the Titanic in order to uncover the mysterious disappearance of a previous traveler, Diana. Slowly uncover the truth about time travel and the horrors that come along with it.
  • An Urgent Escape: Get thrown into the bowels of the Titanic, and use your wits to escape the ship, deck by deck. Solve countless puzzles, and manipulate your environments in order to avoid the ever-rising water. Utilizing a weighted physics system, interactions feel natural and diverse.
  • Top-Of-The-Line Graphics: Experience the Titanic in all of her glory, utilizing top-level lighting and water systems. Through countless optimization and tricks, we’ve achieved a high-fidelity experience on the Quest that draws parallels to PC VR experiences.

All in all, this does look like a fun twist on the tragedy of the Titanic out there and a fun VR experience to have. It is weird to see that there are some supernatural elements in the mix of things, but I have a feeling it is about the time travel ghosts more than the dead on the ship. I say that since we are in the middle of the sinking of the Titanic in the game and it would be odd to see everyone who has died in the event to instantly become a ghost and ready to kill us for trying to solve a mystery out there. Even if that would be an interesting twist on a horror game where those you cannot save instantly jump onto the attacking you bandwagon as a gameplay mechanic. Maybe that could be what we all see here in the mix of things…

How do you feel about this new take on the Titanic story and will it be a better version of what we all have seen before? Is this all a good call for those lonely gamers out there so they can see more of the darkness in the world? Would it be an interesting twist to have all of those that die in the game to instantly become an attacking ghost in the mix? Head into the comment section of this to let the world all know what you are thinking out there. If we get more for Titanic: A Space Between, we will share it all here for you. Please keep on coming back here for all of those updates and the various other things we have out there for the world.

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