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Mafia 3 Is Showing The Signs Of The Time In A Dark Way

Mafia 3 Is Showing The Signs Of The Time In A Dark Way

Mafia 3

The third and final DLC story for Mafia 3 is about to launch and now we have our first look at what it will bring to Mafia 3

It has been a bit of a wait but now we have the third and final bit of story DLC for Mafia 3 and it looks like it is going to be adding a lot more darkness to the already dark world that has been crafted here. It certainly looks like Hangar 13 has gone to great extents to make sure we all see how horrible the world could have been, and has been, though this game. I’ll take it as it is always something I enjoy in my games and was a part of Mafia 3 that I enjoyed exploring and seeing. I know I’m messed up, but so are all of the people over at 2K Games so I guess it is a win already around. At least if the new story is as cool as the following look makes it seem. I guess we’ll find out on July 25th when it hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game.

In the new Mafia 3 DLC, Sing Of The Times, it looks like we are going down the whole “Satanic Cult” or “Murder Cult” that is all associated with Charles Manson today. One and moved into the town and are doing all of their messed up things in some form of praise ritual at their “Dark Places.” These would be spots in Mafia 3 where tragedy and violence have been in high capacity. Not too shocking that there will be so many in the game given how it all played. But of course it all starts at Sammy’s bar and will be the DLC that features Father James. Makes sense given the religious aspect of it all. Have to bring the light to all that darkness and everything I guess.

I will say that is looks like Hangar 13 is taking a page from all of those horror films here in Mafia 3. That is of course by the fact that it is all kicked off by Lincoln and Father James showing up at Sammy’s when one of the cult’s ceremonies is broken up by their human sacrifice escapes into the arms of these two. From there, I am guessing, Lincoln wants to keep her alive and the cult is now hunting them so they can kill her for whatever ends they were aiming for. Seems like how that always seems to go and that is how it looks here. Maybe we will be surprised and it will go another way, but that is how it all looks as of now. I guess we’ll see here in a few weeks when it drops.

Mafia 3 — Sign Of The Times

On this episode of Inside Look, Hangar 13‘s Senior Writer Ed Fowler gives us a first look at the next DLC for Mafia 3, coming July 25th. A brutal cult is terrorizing New Bordeaux with violent rituals. Can Lincoln stop them?

In Sign Of The Times, Lincoln is pitted against a deranged and violent group of cultists called The Ensanglante, who are hell-bent on restoring righteousness and order to New Bordeaux through violent rituals. The cult uses a hallucinogenic drug to bend its members to their will, distorting their perception of reality and turning them into killers. When Lincoln discovers The Ensanglante has used Sammy’s bar for their rituals and finds a lone survivor among the terrible aftermath of a brutal ceremony, he vows to protect New Bordeaux from this mysterious new threat in a thrilling 1960s-inspired psychological cat-and mouse game that will push Lincoln’s grip on reality to the brink.

Are you still playing Mafia 3 after all this time or has it just been sitting there since the last DLC dropped? Do you think this will kick off the darkness even further or does it all sound on par for the franchise so far and will just be a little creepy? Do you agree that is sounds like the “Killer Cult” trope from all of those horror films so far or will it deviate from all of that after it kicks off? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Mafia 3, if there is any more, be sure to keep it here. We’ll keep bringing you all of it as it comes and you won’t want to miss out.

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