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Manhunt & Bully Are Coming To A PS4 Near You

Manhunt & Bully Are Coming To A PS4 Near You


Manhunt & Bully have popped up on the EU PS Store via PS2 ‘backwards’ so we can all experience the joys of Manhunt yet again

Seemingly out of nowhere it looks like Manhunt and Bully have popped up on the EU PlayStation store for purchase on the PS4. Yes these two PS2 classic titles from Rockstar Games are the next on the list for the “backwards compatible” titles that we were told would be coming. Not only coming but given a high res treatment and throwing all of the new features that the PS4 has into the mix for both titles. This includes a Platinum trophy for both Manhunt and Bully for those hunters out there.

As of this writing both titles are only available on the EU store for £11.99 each and look to have a 2 GB and 2.7 GB download size. That would be for Manhunt and Bully respectfully there. There is still no word on if the North American market will be getting these titles as well but most of you crafty PlayStation fans already have ways around that now don’t you. So more or less we can just say both of these titles are out there for all as of right now.

As mentioned before here is a list of features coming to Manhunt and Bully through this “backwards play” as well as a few of the trophies that we will all be collecting once the games are official everywhere.

Experience [Manhunt/Bully] for PS2 with full 1080p up-rendering and enhanced features such as Trophies, Share Play, Remote Play, Activity Feeds and Second Screen support for game manuals with PS Vita or PS App.


  • Psychopath (Platinum) – Unlock all trophies.
  • Murderous (Gold) – Complete every scene on Hardcore difficulty.
  • Dangerous (Gold) – Complete every scene on Fetish difficulty.
  • 4-Star Freak (Gold) – Earn a 4-star rating for every scene on Fetish Difficulty.
  • 5-Star Fiend (Gold) – Earn a 5-star rating for every scene on Hardcore Difficulty.


  • Valedictorian (Platinum) – Unlock every trophy.
  • Graduate (Gold) – Complete Chapter 5.
  • Problem Child (Gold) – Amass 160,000 trouble points.
  • Kleptomania (Gold) – Acquire all room trophies.
  • Boy Genius (Gold) – Complete all 5 classes for every subject.

Are you excited to see Manhunt and Bully coming back to PlayStation here? Do you think it will stay EU only for a long time or will we see the titles drop elsewhere? Could this mean that Rockstar Games might be looking to see if sequels to the franchises are worth the time? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. For more on Manhunt and other titles that may be coming to us via PlayStation “backwards play” keep yourself right here. We will bring the updates as we get them.

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