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Meet The Wild Bunch Of Watch_Dogs In The Latest Trailer

Meet The Wild Bunch Of Watch_Dogs In The Latest Trailer


A new trailer for Watch_Dogs shows off the friends, enemies, and other people Aiden will have.

We are getting closer to the release of Watch_Dogs so it is high time we get to know the other characters of the game that will not be controlled directly by you. Yea, it is time to meet the heroes, villains, and secondary characters of the game that will most likely have an impact on the overall story for us. The new trailer below is a nice montage to all of these people but they really don’t say who falls into what category for Aiden. Well outside of T-Bone who has already been shown to be an ally of sorts in previous gameplay trailers or gameplay footage.

So who else makes up the list of suspects here? Well we have Clara the “hot chick” hacker/tattoo artist, Jordi the required Asian assassin type, ‘Iraq’ the special ops token black guy, and ‘Lucky’ the white crime boss trying to run the city. Looks like all the great stereotypes are there from the 90’s film that syncs up quite a bit with Watch_Dogs now. The token black guy even has the slightly bald with dreadlocks look going on. Watch the trailer and tell me can’t match up the rag tag team of characters there?

I may be poking fun but I still really can’t wait to get my hands on Watch_Dogs. This trailer and the story that I have heard so far from the game does sound a bit on the loose side but the mechanics and gameplay look to be making up for that quite a bit. Hopefully time will speed up here for a few weeks so I can get my game on with Watch_Dogs now and so I can, you know, compare it to Hackers even more so than I have already.

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