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Metro Redux Is Now Completely Announced With All The Perks

Metro Redux Is Now Completely Announced With All The Perks

Metro Redux

Metro Redux, as well as HD versions of 2033 and Last Light, have been 100% announced with all of their details.

Late in March this year there were rumors abound about Metro Redux coming to the next gen consoles. This would be a HD version of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light all together for the PS4, XB1, and PC. It was so well rumored that Deep Silver and 4A Games even released a statement about the ‘leaked’ information stating that there is way more to it all than was being talked about. As of right now, we have all those details and they are just as amazing as we were told they would be.

Let me give you a quick breakdown of what will be coming this summer on our next gen consoles and PCs.

Metro 2033

  • The original game rebuilt in the latest 4A Engine
  • Re-mastered visuals plus 60FPS
  • Advanced lighting and weather effects
  • Advanced enemy AI
  • Improved combat/stealth mechanics

Metro: Last Light

  • Re-mastered visuals plus 60FPS
  • In-game bonuses from Metro 2033 carry over
  • Fan-requested features added in
  • Season Pass content included

This of course is just a very short list of what has been added/changed/re-worked for the Metro Redux bundle here. If you want the full list you can check that here. If you want to see how these new visuals and upgrades Deep Silver was nice enough to drop a trailer showing off quite a bit of that. Have a look just below.

Given what I remember from playing both the titles before, Metro Redux makes those both look like entirely new games from that trailer there. Metro 2033 more than anything but I am sure that is due to the fact that Last Light looked and played insanely well already. That is even based off the ‘last gen’ tech that we were all stuck to before.

That being said, some of you may be wondering why you should have to re-buy a title that looked and played well the first time when you really just want the HD update of 2033. Well on top of having the Metro Redux bundle, both titles will be available digitally and separately for download for $24.99 (suggested). That is cheaper than that really long Metal Gear demo. In the end though the physical bundle, that includes both titles, is suggested at 49.99 and a much better deal. Especially since both titles really deserve another play through.

Now if only we had a set release date other than summer 2014. As soon as that is announced we will update you with the Metro Redux news. I can’t wait to hop into the horror aspect again. Damn spiders…