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Microsoft Picks Up Gears Of War. What Does That Mean?

Microsoft Picks Up Gears Of War. What Does That Mean?

Gears Of War

Microsoft purchases the Gears Of War franchise from Epic Games this week and tasks Black Tusk Studios to continue the franchise. What does this exactly mean though?

All of you Gears Of War fans should be dancing in the streets right now. While yes the news is just about Microsoft picking up the franchise it also makes it completely obvious that there will be a Gears Of War coming to the Xbox One and going forward. So the franchise isn’t just dead in the water after the lackluster acceptance of Gears Of War: Judgment. So really good news for those fans as the franchise is going to have a chance to get back to its success from GoW3.

Outside of this announcement, well, there really is nothing more than Rod Fergusson, former Director of Production at Epic Games, will be one of the leads on the next Gears Of War title. Even with the long Q & A that was released with the announcement that is all that can be gleaned in terms of anything. I mean they specifically ask a question as to why they went with Black Tusk Studios since they have not produced any strong titles yet. The answer is just the same PR BS that gets thrown out there as to not actually answer the question. In this case, “they are a team of with passion for the genre.” To paraphrase.

If you want to read the whole Q & A about this purchase I have included a link below. I am sure that Gears Of War will be a huge part of Microsoft’s showcasing at E3 this year as well as other conventions. Just hopefully there will be more to it than the filler that followed the basic “Hey, we bought the Gears Of War franchise” press release that was sent out. Seriously a tease that wasn’t needed as nothing is explained or expanded on.


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