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Miss Flappy Bird? Make Your Own Version Instead

Miss Flappy Bird? Make Your Own Version Instead

Flappy Bird

If you missed out on the Flappy Bird craze or something the like, Code.org has a way for you to make your own version

The Flappy Bird craze is something I missed before it went away. I’ll be honest there. Also to be honest, I don’t get why it was so insanely popular outside of the oddness or nostalgia of things being able to get most people to latch on to something. I could be right or I could be right. In either instance, all of you out there who also missed out or just plain miss Flappy Bird on your mobile there is a way to get it back as well as make the improvements you might have wanted. All the while secretly learning how to ‘code’.

How is that? Well Code.org has a new course that will teach you the basics of logic as well as a GUI way to code a version of Flappy Bird. It has a nice little walk-through that will take you from your first flap all the way to a full, and somewhat customized, version of the game. You can see my Batty Bird version below.

Now some of you may be thinking, “I can still play it on sites like FlappyBird.io.” or “I don’t want to learn to code.” Both valid arguments, but neither of them teach you a damn thing nor do either of them let you customize your Flappy Bird experience. Let’s be honest, those are the bigger selling points here. It’s fun, easy, and gets you playing your damn addictive game.

Check it out here to get started on your own version. Or as I said, you can play my version of Flappy Bird here or below. Share your versions in the comments.


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