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Did You Miss The SXSW Tales From The Borderlands Panel? We Got You Covered

Did You Miss The SXSW Tales From The Borderlands Panel? We Got You Covered

Tales From The Borderlands

Some new information and talks came out for Tales From The Borderlands at SXSW. Here is the whole panel showing off all that fun stuff.

So back at the VGXs Telltale and Gearbox announced Tales From The Borderlands and that was about it, outside of a short little announcement trailer. Then a whole lot of silence and nothingness. I know you are all heart broken. Well the good news I have for you here is that during the annual SXSW conference in Austin both companies have decided to bring the con goers some new information and details. Further good news, I have video of the entire panel attached below. You can rejoice now.

Just as a warning, it is about 47 minutes long, the panel hosts are lame, and the questions asked from the audience leave one to question the intelligence of those brave enough to ask questions that don’t involve Tales From The Borderlands in a Tales From The Borderlands panel. There are some good little tidbits that were talked about from the dev teams and I’ll save you a bit of time if you don’t want to waste your time. Here’s a nice little bullet point list.

  • Tales From The Borderlands takes place after all of the events of Borderlands 2 and any story in the DLC packs.
  • There are two protagonists (Rhys and Fiona) in the game, played at different times.
  • The same story will be told from the perspectives of each protagonist.
  • Rhys is a hacker who still works for Hyperion. Also he is not a form of Handsome Jack.
  • Fiona is a con artist whose weapon is her ability to fast talk her enemies.

And that is about it. Outside of the normal “can’t or won’t talk about at this time” kind of answers for dumb questions that is pretty much what can be gleaned for Tales From The Borderlands. Maybe you can find more in the mix that that but do head my warnings. You have been warned and here is the panel in its entirety.

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