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In The Mix Of E3 We Kind Of Missed The Doom 4 Teaser Trailer

In The Mix Of E3 We Kind Of Missed The Doom 4 Teaser Trailer

Doom 4

There was a Doom 4 teaser released during E3 but the full reveal is slated for QuakeCon. We have that teaser though

If there is one thing that I hate about E3 it is that we all get so busy that things like the new Doom 4 teaser trailer falls through the cracks and doesn’t get its 15 minutes of fame. I almost missed it in the mix of all the emails and social media posts. Lucky enough for all of us that I caught it and was able to place it in memory to show off after all the madness had ended. Isn’t technology wonderful?

I’ll let you hop on down to what you came here for, hopefully that was either Doom 4 or me, and then talk a bit more about we are about to see. Please enjoy.

There you have it. Doom 4 in all kinds of CGI wonder. It is no wonder though that we all missed it as there is nothing but a little bit of story that fans of the franchise should have already known. The big bulk reveal, as Bethesda put it, will be at the annual QuakeCon in almost a month from now in Dallas, Texas. I guess it was ok that this fell through the cracks a bit as I know I would have wanted a whole lot more than just this if it was on the floor at E3. Then again there were people waiting in line for hours just to see trailers like this and nothing else, so who knows.

It looks like the waiting game begins again for Doom 4. I just hope that there is a DLC skin that lets me play as Dwayne Johnson at some point. Yes, the film was a guilty pleasure; get over it. Focus on how we are going to have to wait until July 17th to get anything new for Doom 4 now. Let than burn just like everyone said the film version burned their souls…

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