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Mouse Gives Us Some New & Jazzy Gameplay To Experience

Mouse Gives Us Some New & Jazzy Gameplay To Experience


New gameplay for Mouse is out there so we can get a feel for how Mouse is going to play when it launches

The jazz-fueled title, Mouse, is back in the limelight again and this time to show off some more gameplay to us all. This would be that new shooter that Fumi Games is working out there that gives us all a nice 1030s feel when it comes to the art style of the game. Now, we get a bit more of the music and more of the gameplay we can expect when Mouse does finally burst onto the scene on the PC. Get ready to bounce a bit more with some of the early gameplay we have to look at just a bit lower down on the page here.

Most of what we have to see for Mouse is your usual FPS gameplay we have seen many times over. Only this time using the rubber hose animation and cartoons to pull off all of the explosions and shooting. There looks to be a variety of guns that our detective will be using in the game from your traditional Tommy Gun to being able to finger-blast enemies after drinking some coffee. Yes, I know how that all sounds… There is some dynamite to play with as your throwable explosive and it looks like Mouse will also allow for some environmental attacks too. All in the way you would expect with pianos falling on enemies and the like. Really leaning into the art and animation style of it all with the cartoon violence.

Mouse — Early Gameplay

Join private detective in Mouse, a gritty, jazz-fueled shooter. With guns blazing and a retro rubber hose animation style, battle your way through a corrupt city full of crooks and danger. Inspired by classic FPS and noir films, Mouse is the explosive shooter you’ve been waiting for.

Mouse boasts a unique visual style inspired by the charm of 1930s rubber hose animation, transporting players to a nostalgic era of early cartoons. Assume the role of a private detective navigating a noir city teeming with gangs, mobs, and characters from the dark side. Unravel a quest for justice in a noir city mired in chaos, corruption, and vibrant energy, utilizing a diverse arsenal of weapons, power-ups, and explosives to thwart the takeover by corrupt politicians. The game’s playful weaponry and distinctive health display, coupled with enemies behaving like cartoon characters, add a lighthearted twist to traditional FPS gameplay.

Developed by Fumi Games, Mouse is available to wishlist on Steam. Its release date is to be announced.

Even though Mouse looks like it is offering up the same base gameplay as most FPS titles out there, this one still has me intrigued and interested in experiencing it. All of it comes down to the art style of the game and getting to play out all of these events in the cartoon way that some of us were forced to idolize growing up. I enjoy this trend we have seen as of late with other games doing the same thing and allowing the art to shine more than forcing in flashy gameplay for no reason. Mouse might be one of those titles I toss in for the Early Access to experience while hoping the story is left out until the game’s final build hits the market.

Are you just as impressed with the art of Mouse or is it something that is not for you? Would you like to see weird mechanics in the game for no reason or keep the basic FPS formula while giving us a great story and style in the mix? When will we get to drop anvils on the heads of everyone in this game? Take those thoughts down to the comment section to discuss all of this. We have more for Mouse on the way, so please keep a close eye on the site so you do not miss out on those updates when they do come.

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