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No Multiplayer In The Order 1886 And How This Makes Sense

No Multiplayer In The Order 1886 And How This Makes Sense

The Order 1886

It has been confirmed by Andrea Pessino that The Order 1886 will have no multiplayer mode. Is that really a big surprise?

It seems to be a slow news day here so we are going to make a deal about the news that The Order 1886 will have no multiplayer mode and stay strictly a single player, action, 3rd person title. That is directly what the co-founder and CTO Andrea Pessino of Ready at Dawn has taken to twitter with at least. While The Order 1886 has looked like a multiplayer title from the trailer shown announcing the game, it really is no big surprise to me and I truly hope that they do keep it that way. Yes, there is still time for things to change and muck it all up.

Why is that my hope? Well because I prefer to play story driven games and multiplayer usually doesn’t lend well to that. In fact I am at a loss where a multiplayer title has done just that. Correct me if I am wrong. And MMOs don’t count here even though I have yet to find a truly compelling story in one of those either.

From the trailer of The Order 1886 it does look like you are part of a squad, sure, but that has been done many times over just to ensure that the story can progress and stay interesting. Silent NPCs are not engaging enough to make me want to keep them alive and not use them as bullet shields. Also, having other members of a squad being controlled by other gamers usually doesn’t get you from point A to point B easily enough to keep the story going. So again good choice.

Granted, these are just my opinions. Take them or leave them as you will. I will usually choose a single player story driven title over anything that adds multiplayer in to help boost sales. I also know I am usually part of the minority here as well. If you have issue, sound off below and tell me why you think The Order 1886 should have a multiplayer aspect.

Oh and here is the tweet that spawned all of this minor news.

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