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Murdered Soul Suspect Gets Some New Evidence For Us To Inspect

Murdered Soul Suspect Gets Some New Evidence For Us To Inspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered Soul Suspect has just received a screen shot update with eight new screens. Here they are for us to look at.

While it might not be new information for Murdered Soul Suspect at least we have something new to look at. Yes, we have eight new screen shots for the game to look over for any kind of clue about anything new for Murdered. Awesome. So the meta-game starts now for us as we try to piece together the most difficult case every; solving anything new for a game about solving your own murder. Shall we dig in and see what we can unearth?

Puns aside now.

We do have new Murdered Soul Suspect screens below. Most of them look like what we have seen already at that. We do get a better look at the specter creatures of the game, but it looks like we just are not moving one from the first case of the game. Also the main case, but it is all the same. This is a good thing though.

Why? It will keep from spoiling all of the other aspects of Murdered. That’s why. It would be nice to see a bit more on the other game mechanics, environments, or creatures but then we won’t have any cool surprises coming our way. Although I swear I have solved most of the murder case for Murdered I am hopeful that I haven’t come close and that I will have a plethora of surprises during the actual game.

Before I let you look at the screens in piece, here’s my speculation. The person who actually killed you is a specter or ghost who is upset with the psychics in Salem. It was on a mission to kill the girl we have seen in the trailers and Ronan just happened to get in the way. Now it has to deal with the psychic and afterlife cop hunting it down. Or at least something along those lines. Let’s see how close that is when the game finally launches.

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