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We Need New Consoles Right Now

We Need New Consoles Right Now

Is PC gaming the real way to go or do we need new console releases to keep up with the changing times?

In the past few years, I have gotten more and more into PC gaming. One thing I have started to notice is the gap in quality is more and more astronomical. I am not here to start an internet fan boy flame war, only to give an opinion that might work out well for everyone.

We need newer and better consoles, more frequently. I know you may be thinking “has this guy lost his marbles?” Perhaps. Maybe not a new console every year, but one maybe every three to five years would be optimal. One possibility I feel that would be viable is to have three different tiers to choose from; sort of like how the Xbox 360 had the Arcade, Regular, and Elite version. With PC gamers spending thousands on one rig, surely having a cheap, middle of the road and high end level of consoles, would be more appealing to the gaming market.

Some newer nuances in high-level PC systems, are things like SSDs’ and Hydro Cooling systems. I know it sounds really expensive for the consumer and costly to the companies themselves, but what about self-contained hydro cooling systems? That would reduce noise level and cool down the system better than the old tried and true fan systems, and even better with a fan, water cooling combination. I have really high hopes that in three years, when they stop covering last generation’s consoles for repair, that things like this will be even more of a possibility.

Customization: maybe I don’t have hundreds of people working in a marketing department telling me up-to-date information on what people want then deciding what I am going to give them, but I do feel confident when I say that consoles should implement some more customization features. One of the most liberating things I have experienced is customizing my PC, and even some of my old consoles. Now Microsoft may hang their collective heads in shame that someone turned their console lime green to match their living room; it would be a small, but meaningful thing to do. Not only that, but upgradeable hardware in my theory would increase market share for either console. I know that experienced modders, who have a few voided warranties under their belt, would not find it that hard to find work around upgrading consoles. I am talking about Sony and Microsoft making it easier for anyone who wants to do more than buy a bigger HDD.

I remember a time in the 2000s, when every year would be the last year of PC gaming. Now, 10 years later, I found myself disinterested from the newer consoles for most of the reasons I listed above, even playing games I had already purchased for either my 360 or PS3. The experience has been a lot smoother, and in general a lot more fun. Higher frame rate, shorter load times, and a higher graphical detail are just a few of the things I have been able to enjoy from my PC experience. For those who are wondering; in total the parts for my PC, it came out around $460 with tax and shipping included. With the very big upside that when I do start to notice drops in performance, an easy simple upgrade is always available.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you agree or disagree and/or your general opinion on the whole subject in the comments section down below. Please do keep things respectful, and have fun.

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