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New Details For Final Fantasy XV Have Come For All

New Details For Final Fantasy XV Have Come For All

Final Fantasy XV

New details for Final Fantasy XV, as well as trailers, have emerged from the Active Time Report Over The Weekend

See what happens when we spend a weekend playing video games? New information for Final Fantasy XV and trailers have cropped up and have slowly begun to spread over the internet. This of course all comes from the game director during the Active Time Report and the Square Enix press/YouTube channels so it is only a matter of time before all of the fans waiting for Final Fantasy XV to come out will be neck deep in all of it. Because we didn’t want to miss out in the fun here is everything we were able to scrounge up.

We can start off with a fun new trailer for Final Fantasy XV. It pretty much shows off everything without any level of context. Just as trailers shouldn’t be. If it wasn’t for all of the jaw flapping before and after this trailer we’d all be walking away from this new trailer with nothing new learned for Final Fantasy XV except that the game is going to look insanely pretty and have a female mechanic named Cidney to aid the team along as she wants to. Not as a team member but as a supporting character rumored to be the new version of the Cid character that shows up in every title.

Final Fantasy XV — Jump Festa Trailer

Now that we’ve had the fun and pretty side of Final Fantasy XV let us dig into what else we have been given since the game looks to be a little less under wraps. We’ve now seen the capital city of Insomnia in the Kingdom of Lucis in the above trailer. It is also below too so you can see how vastly huge the new locations in Final Fantasy XV are going to be and allow you to interact. They are going to be fully functional with shops and inns. Not just the few defined ones that we’ve seen in games past but a real structure to the whole thing.

On top of the towns it also sounds like the game world for Final Fantasy XV is going to be one of the largest and seamless we’ve ever seen in the franchise. Huge to the point where we will need to use the car we’ve seen a bunch already to get around from town to town or use a train system that will take long enough that we’ll be able to get up and talk to many NPCs as well. I’m all for a huge size and all but hopefully this won’t be some kind of filler content to make it seem like Final Fantasy XV is extremely large with nothing to really do in general.

Final Fantasy XV — Town Demo

I guess the size and travel content could work in well with the size of the Summons and how they will be an integral part of the combat. That and the inclusion of a Stamina meter that only gets refilled by camping or sleeping in an inn or hopefully said train. Since this stamina will also drive specific buffs and abilities in Final Fantasy XV it will make the micromanaging a little nicer if that were the case. Of course that is still not fully detailed out though so your guess is as good as mine at this point. So we’ll see.

Final Fantasy XV — Cidney Footage

Final Fantasy XV

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