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New Locations Shown Off For The Evil Within

New Locations Shown Off For The Evil Within

The Evil Within

A few new screen shots and concepts for The Evil Within have been released to show off a couple locations we will be surviving through

Earlier in the week we had a nice little trailer for The Evil Within that didn’t do much to show off anything we haven’t seen for the game so far. It wasn’t a letdown at all but I know I would have loved to see a few more places, environments, or locations that we are going to be running for our lives around. Even the “new gameplay” from the Tokyo Game Show is just another play though for the same demo levels we have seen since the big E3 showing. We have a month left so it is time we ask for a bit more. Right?

Demand no more as we have a few new shots from The Evil Within to show off just what we are talking about. Not only that, but a few new looks at the enemies and protagonists will be going through during the horrors of the game’s events. I know I am intrigued with the spike table that can be seen above and below. I’m going to go on a limb here and think that this is one of the many off the wall puzzles that we will have to solve to open a door or a safe. You know, because that is just how all of these big boss types in The Evil Within roll.

The other location that has totally piqued my interest has to be the one that features the carousel. Is this a hint that there is going to be some form of a carnival in The Evil Within? That will just scare the pants off of almost everyone out there who has a slight fear of clowns and I know I’d love to see the take on clowns and carnies in The Evil Within. Then again this could just be some odd little addition and not a full inclusion of an environment. None the less The Evil Within is looking just as freaky as we could hope.

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