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New Wolfenstien: The New Order Trailer Puts Us On The Train To Berlin

New Wolfenstien: The New Order Trailer Puts Us On The Train To Berlin

Wolfenstein: The New Order

A new trailer for Wolfenstien: The New Order has been released showcasing the train scene we’ve seen a few times. Also there is a bit behind the person who wrote the scene.

Using the word new in the headline here seems a bit odd as we have seen this bit from Wolfenstien: The New Order a few times already. I am talking about the train scene with Frau Engel and here ‘lover’ Bubi. You know; the one where they conduct the ‘test’ on BJ in some form of a twisted game that we all know Nazis loved doing. That is historically accurate right? Not just something that we blew out of proportion since the victors write the history. I guess we can save those questions for another time.

Back on track again.

Here we have yet another version of the scene from Wolfenstien that shows how BJ gets into this predicament as well as how the scene could possibly end. Spoiler alert. I think this ending would require the player to have to reload a checkpoint or save location. Either way it is a new look at some in-game footage played with different choices. Also with some of that cool German music that seems to be trailing almost every video put out for Wolfenstien: The New Order.

Just in case you were curious on one of the minds behind the scene and the hardcore villain of Wolfenstien: The New Order, we also have another video from Bethesda that lets you get to know the developers. This time it is Tommy Tordsson Björk the Narrative Designer over at MachineGames. There isn’t any new information for the game that we can extract from this clip but it does let us get to know part of the team that is making a game that we will most likely love. So if anything give Mr. Björk some love as I am sure most of you would never have bothered reading the game’s credits to see who spent part of their life bringing you something you enjoy.

Here you go with those videos.

The Train To Berlin

Know Your Devs

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