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The Next Episode For The Walking Dead Will Be Out Next Week

The Next Episode For The Walking Dead Will Be Out Next Week

The Walking Dead

The release trailer and dates for the fourth episode of The Walking Dead’s second season have been announced

As I stated yesterday, we now have the trailer and release dates for the next episode for The Walking Dead from Telltale. Also as I speculated all of these dates are next week scattered about based on the platform or region of the planet you live in. This means that all of you playing via Steam or on your PS3s in the NA region can look forward to downloading the new episode on July 22nd. After that, all of you Xbox 360, EU PS3, and PS Vita gamers can get the episode on July 23rd. iOS has to wait until July 24th.

As mentioned there is also a trailer for The Walking Dead‘s fourth episode for this season and it can be seen below. It will give you another chance to stop the spoilerific viewing but I’ll give you your first right now. Spoilers ahead if you have yet to play the previous episodes for The Walking Dead season two.

Like I said before, it looks like things are taking a turn for the worse in this episode of The Walking Dead although it may not be as bad as I thought now that we get to see that Kenny scene a bit more. It does sound like the story is going to go the same way that the end of season two of The Walking Dead TV show went, although hopefully more like the comic. If that is the case then we can expect some grim events; horrifically grim if it does go more like the comics than the show. This is something I’ve been waiting for in this season of the game here, so fingers crossed.

Here’s to hopefully also trying to hammer through the next episode before heading out to cover San Diego Comic Con for all of you as well. Or at least for myself I’d like to be completely caught up on all things The Walking Dead before I dive into all that madness that will be overtaking the convention center and city.

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