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The Next Hitman Title Won’t Be At E3 But We Have Some Art None The Less

The Next Hitman Title Won’t Be At E3 But We Have Some Art None The Less


Looks like the next Hitman will be absent from E3 but rest assured that the team is working hard to give us what we want

I am really getting tired of all this good news and bad news stuff and it looks like the next Hitman title is another culprit here. The bad news here is that there is nothing new for the next title in the franchise to show off at E3 here in a few weeks. No new trailer. No new gameplay mechanics. Not even a nice little bit of story or where everything takes place in the grand scheme of the overall franchise. It’s sad but true. Nothing for Hitman at E3.

The good news is that we have a Production Concept to prove that Io Interactive is hard at work getting us the next big title in the franchise. Yes, it does look like in-game footage but as it is noted, this is a concept and may not actually make it into the final version of this Hitman title. I’ll let you soak that in before we go on with the little bit of good news that came with said image.

Hitman - Production Concept

Hitman – Production Concept

So that looks really cool. It is also claimed that this building alone is larger than any of the areas in Hitman Absolution. That does help put a bit of scale to the overall game world a bit. That also means that this next Hitman is going to be huge or add in a whole lot more options on how to take out your marks. At the very least a sizable area to hide and mingle about as Agent 47. That is some great fun news. I only wish we could see it in action to be able to get the whole grand scheme of things perfectly in the mind’s eye.

I am bummed that we all still have to wait for the next Hitman to show anything but it should pay off. At the very least we can see this as Io Interactive making sure they don’t show us a shoddy project that will make us all wonder why there is development time being wasted on the title. That would be a travesty indeed.