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Here Is A Nice Long Look At H1Z1, The Zombie MMO From SOE

Here Is A Nice Long Look At H1Z1, The Zombie MMO From SOE


Recently two of the developers for H1Z1 took us through a play through of an early build of the game.

Just in case you do not have all the time in the world to dedicate to seeing all of the videos and streams for H1Z1 we have a nice long one for you to see below. Jimmy Whisenhunt (Game Designer) and Tom Schenck (Technical Director) sat down and played a nice 50 minute session of H1Z1 on Twitch recently to show off what the game will have to offer. At least in the form of the “higher action” of the game and not the hours of scavenging that will be needed to survive in the world.

As should be warned this is a pretty early build of H1Z1 but there is a good look at the mix of first person and third person action. I’ll use the term action loosely though as it really consists of the developers running around, or driving around, looking for zombies to kill or buildings to raid. It is a bit few and far between but given that H1Z1 is still only being played “in house” with few players but it also shows the vastness of the game world. I will say that it is huge as to be expected and also I can’t fathom how big things will be once the game’s world expands further than the Middle American town.

Granted, that is about the first half of the H1Z1 stream so if you want to skip ahead that far you can jump right into the full action.

One last thing I’ll throw out before letting you sit and enjoy is how amazing the dynamic day/night system is. I am a bit curious if there will be cycles of the stars and phases of the moon as well given how dark the night looks to get mixed with the fog and cloud cover. I can see that leading to a lot of amazing and frustrating game sessions as well. I for one am still overly impressed in general and am looking forward to H1Z1. Four weeks now according to these developers.