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Now We Get To Escape Dead Island While We Wait For Dead Island 2

Now We Get To Escape Dead Island While We Wait For Dead Island 2

Escape Dead Island

Deep Silver has just announced Escape Dead Island, a third-person survival mystery take on the Dead Island franchise from Fatshark

Just in case you couldn’t wait for some hardcore zombie killing action in Dead Island 2 or Dying Light (Coming 2015™), Deep Silver and Fatshark are bringing us yet another zombie slaying game of sorts with Escape Dead Island. It’s not just zombie killing and surviving, but also a game about solving the mystery of what caused the outbreak and keeping your own sanity in the middle of this world crushing event. Also to deviate from the normal Dead Island type of formula is that Escape Dead Island will be in third-person view and with a graphic novel art style instead of the more realistic we are used to.

Aesthetics and camera view aside though, Escape Dead Island also picks up a story set in the universe that is kind of a sequel as it takes place after the events of Dead Island. At least that is how it sounds as we will be taking on the role of Cliff Calo, a rich kid who has something to prove and decides to head to Banoi to check things out and see how it all started. Sounds a bit dumb on his part but I guess humans are always doing dumb stuff in the name of curiosity and semi-fame. I just hope Cliff is also a Sam B mega-fan so we can hear more of those phat beats while he is trying not to go insane due to lack of sleep, hunger, dehydration, and exhaustion.

Here, have a look at the announcement trailer for Escape Dead Island and see what you think.

So, there isn’t much to go on with the “insanity” thing here outside of what is shown but it looks like a great driving force in Escape Dead Island. We will have to fend off from ourselves as well as the undead horde trying to eat out delicious brains. Or maybe the insanity is what makes us immune to the zombie virus kind of like in that Brad Pitt film. You know the one: Fight Club.

(You mean World War Z don’t you?)

NO! Fight Club or maybe Interview With A Vampire. Shut up brain!

[12 Monkeys! and bewbs!]

(It’s World War Z now get back to the news before they think you lost it.)

Fine. Whatever.

Escape Dead Island is slated for release on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC sometime this fall. Another interesting note here is that the suggested retail price for the game is $39.99 across the board. If my intuition is correct I am thinking that Escape Dead Island is going to be a rather short title to do what I mentioned above, bridge the gap between now and Deep Silver’s next big release for the franchise. Quite similar to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes only not as short or easy to beat in under four minutes. That would be the assumption, though with nothing concrete to go on there, so take that as you will.

Lastly, and worth noting, if you pre-order Escape Dead Island or purchase it through GameStop you will gain access to the Dead Island 2 beta and be entered to win the July “Epic Reward” of being flown to Berlin, Germany to be made into a zombie in the game itself. The game being Dead Island 2 so there is no confusion. That is a pretty epic prize if I do say so but the choice is up to you.

(That does sound epic)


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