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We Now Get To Be The Zombie In Dying Light

We Now Get To Be The Zombie In Dying Light

Dying Light

It’s just been announced that we are no longer limited to playing a survivor in Dying Light but we can be the zombie in the game

This may be shocking news to most but not to me as now we can play as the zombie in Dying Light. It’s not too shocking to me as this seems the way that most games that have a forced multiplayer aspect have been going as of late; especially when it comes to games that have a monster type hunting. None the less, Techland and Warner Bros. have made the announcement official and we will be able to play as one of the infected during Dying Light. At least we will be playing as one with a bit of a twist that also is not a big shocker.

If extrapolation from the below trailer for Dying Light that made the announcement is true then it looks like there will be a way to ‘invade’ someone else’s game and hunt them and their team down as one of the more powerful zombie types. If it will be instanced or not like Watch_Dogs is not clear from the video but I’m sure we will all know in due time. I have a feeling it is to an extent to keep players from targeting and making Dying Light a nightmare to play for specific people over and over.

I will say that I am a bit curious to see how the progression system for the infected will play out in Dying Light with this announcement. What kind of skills, upgrades, and extra features will we be able to employ when hunting down our friends or hated enemies online with the beefed up hunter zombie? If anything it looks like we are at least getting the Scorpion like grapple to move around and kill the survivors in Dying Light. That will make the playing ground a bit more even in the long run.

Dying Light — Be The Zombie

I do like that we are getting more options on play style in Dying Light so don’t take everything above as a gripe. Granted, this new mode does make it feel like we will be playing a knock off of Evolve given the fact that we will have four player co-op and now a monster zombie mixed into the gameplay but it could work wonders for a franchise that felt like it was a knock off from the beginning. Techland does need to do something to separate themselves from all of the other titles doing the same thing as of late don’t they? Be the zombie mode could do just that for Dying Light.

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