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One More Recap Is Ready Just Before The Launch Of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

One More Recap Is Ready Just Before The Launch Of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Get back up to speed for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with another recap of Final Fantasy VII Remake out there

With the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth only a month away on February 29th for the PS5, it is high time to get back out there and give the game a solid playthrough one more time to get caught up. At least to get caught up on the new story that Square Enix is telling with this game. We also know that there might not be enough time to go back through the whole game and facing off with the Hell House is just a nightmare. This is why it is good to come back with one more recap of the story so far for Final Fantasy VII Remake. All in a very short burst of an update and not watching the hours of cutscenes a dialog that is mixed in with the gameplay in general.

Unlike a few of the other videos like that that we have had for Final Fantasy VII Remake, this one focuses mostly on the core story or things and sounds as if it is told from the perspective of Red XIII. A three-minute recap that goes over how Avalanche is trying to bring down Shinra, Shinra outsmarts them a bit, Sephiroth shows up, and all to gain control over Aerith in the game. That is a vast oversimplification of things, but the video below gives a little more context. Even if it leaves out all of the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade in the mix, it will also be playing a bit of a role in the next chapter of the story. At least, that was the thought but maybe that was only to lead up to why certain characters are where they are in the story.

Final Fantasy VII Remake — The Story So Far

This recap will take you through the events that unfolded in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the first game in the Final Fantasy VII Remake project, in just over 3 minutes.

Set in Midgar, the City of Mako, the game explores the fierce struggles between the sinister Shinra Electric Power Company and the rebel group Avalanche, as they battle for the fate of the planet.

The next installment, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, will be released on PS5 on the 29th of February 2024.

In this standalone story, Cloud and his friends set out on a journey across the planet: New adventures await in a vibrant and vast world.

If you are eager to play right away, a Twin Pack that contains both Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the expanded and graphically enhanced version of the first game in the series, is available for pre-order now.

There really is not much else to say about this and what is to come for the Final Fantasy VII Remake in the coming weeks. This is not a terrible thing, but something that is just the case. Most likely the case so we all focus on the base story and not try to dig into any of the spoilers that could be flowing out there soon. Also, given that it has been quite some time since we all had a chance to play the modified story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, I am sure this is going to be the stinger that comes before the loading of the massive next section. So, get ready for that, or get ready to take on the Hell House one more time so you can fully recap the story instead of getting a few minutes of recap as we have now.

Did you need this little recap before the next part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake project dropped or is that all a core memory by now? Do you find it odd that there is no talk about Intergrade here and was that just to show off how Yuffie is linked in? Where do you think this next part of the story will cut off and will we need another ten minutes of recap before that section is finally released? Fight it all out in the comments below and then feel free to discuss it until the game launches. We are amped to see what Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has to share in the world, so know we will have much more for it as we get closer to the launch. Please keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of it as we get to that place in life.

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