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Opening Acts For Aerosmith

Opening Acts For Aerosmith

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s Version of Guitar Hero

Ok, so this might fix the new Guitar Hero game due out in June. When they announced the next iteration of the franchise was going to be an Aerosmith version, I know I groaned at it. Not saying I hate the band, but what is fun about playing only one band’s songs. But digging a bit further, they will have “Opening Acts” and “Special Guests” in the game. These will be bands that Aerosmith chose to be in the game along side them. Could make sure the game doesn’t flop out.

Another fun fact is that they got the entire band to do motion capture for the movements of the game avatars. So while you may only be able to play as Jo Perry, and can unlock guitarist Brad Whitford and bass player Tom Hamilton, all the other members are modeled after the actual band members. Kind of cool to know they wanted to work that close to the game to help out.

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