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So What Does The Original Cast From Aliens Think Of Alien Isolation?

So What Does The Original Cast From Aliens Think Of Alien Isolation?

Alien Isolation

A new trailer show a behind the scenes look and interviews with the original cast coming together for Alien Isolation’s DLC

If you had that wonder mentioned above for Alien Isolation then we can put that to rest for now. In fact it sounds like the original cast seems to like the overall idea of Alien Isolation and the two bits of DLC they all worked on for us. In case you forgot that would be the Crew Expendable and Last Survivor packs that cause quite a stir a little while ago. I’m still not sure why but if the original cast is behind it that is at least a good sign right? I’m pretty sure it is.

To find out what they all though I’ll leave you to the most recent behind the scenes look at Alien Isolation. Do be warned that some of the actors didn’t hold up all that well in the face of time. It could be they are just aging poorly or it could be that they need the income to buy that proverbial “fountain of youth” so they can keep the nostalgia alive just a few more years for all of us until we can get a few new IPs out the developer’s gates. I’m not talking Creative Assembly and SEGA directly here, but all in general.

Here, check it all out.

See what I mean? At least they all look a bit excited to be working on Alien Isolation including the stars that moved on to way bigger and better things. They could have just forgotten about this franchise to be honest but I like to think that this form of support shows that they all believe in the vision of Alien Isolation. Well at least the DLC part of the game that will either add to an awesome experience or just seem like another way to line the pockets of those involved. I’m hoping for the prior here but I guess we’ll all see this October.

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