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Panda & Alisa Are Launching Into The Fight We Are Getting For Tekken 8

Panda & Alisa Are Launching Into The Fight We Are Getting For Tekken 8

Tekken 8

More characters for Tekken 8 are here with a few of the past Tekken 8 characters finally getting time to shine

Even though Tekken 8 is about to land on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on January 26th, we are still getting more of the characters out there for us to take in and look at. This time, it looks as if Bandai Namco needed to drop two characters out there for us really quick. Here with Panda and Alisa take up the fight in Tekken 8 to further the narrative of throwing sons and fathers off cliffs and into volcanoes. Maybe even get a little bit of a revenge thing too with how Panda was treated by the last character reveal as well. It was not good…

You can see both of these characters in action for Tekken 8 just below and they look and feel about as their counterparts have all looked in the game up to now. Panda fights like a bear and Alisa uses all of the robotics, wings, and chainsaws as one might expect her to do. Even if bringing a chainsaw to a bear fight might feel a little one-sided. It is the world of Tekken, though, so we do not always need to make sense. As long as most of the fighters feel like they are the same and the moves are a bit consistent out there. You know, the main thing that we get in titles like this that may have gone on for a little too long.

Tekken 8 — Panda Gameplay

The Pretty Protector is pretty serious about snacks.

Panda gracefully rolls into the fight in Tekken 8!

Tekken 8 — Alisa Gameplay

For a Destroying Automaton, she’s a real head-turner.

Alisa launches herself towards the fight in Tekken 8!

At this point, I am not sure how many of the Tekken characters we have in the game are going to feel fully different or just a slight variation on others out there. In the past, this was a tactic to make it feel like we were getting more characters while just slapping skins on other character rigs. It needed to be done due to space. In this version of it all, and me not diving deep into the ins and outs of the Tekken world, this feels more like the same thing but to pad the roster numbers to something insane. I have lost count of how many characters are on the way and how many of them look and feel the same. Some even when it comes to the design look. Maybe this will all be different in a few weeks, but tell me that Panda and Kuma feel like different fighters beyond just the look.

How many of the Tekken characters will you actually play with in the game when not being forced to for the story? Do you think that many are starting to feel like clones of each other or is that by design to give the illusion of option? Will we have to look at the finer details for each character to get the true nuance to them all or will we see it all for what it is before then? Go on into the comment section to discuss all of this and let the world know. We are sure there will be more for Tekken 8, so please keep on coming back here to see it all. Maybe we will see how each of them functions in truly unique ways before launch.

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