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PC Gaming On A Budget? Let Me Help You Build That

PC Gaming On A Budget? Let Me Help You Build That

Let us answer the age old question of how to build a gaming PC on a budget.

For many people the thought of a gaming PC might seem pricey but most people don’t realize that depending on the budget anyone can have a Gaming PC. In fact some PC builders challenge themselves to make a PC for under $100. Two phrases I use when it comes to PCs’ are “Over time you can always get better for less” and ”You get what you pay for”. The second phrase is to remind people a $300 PC is not going to run a game like Battlefield 4 at 150 fps on max settings.

Another thing is budget. It is hard to generalize what is a good PC because so many people have so many different opinions on the subject. Plus the difference in buying an already built or building your own can also come in to play. While many gaming only PC companies offer great rigs at fair prices, you can get more out of your budget going the D.I.Y. route.

It is important to map out what your needs are when purchasing a PC. While we could go on all day about this we are only going to focus on getting a modest machine with the primary use being for games. One thing to mention is you don’t have to buy a new PC to play games. You can always make simple upgrades down the road as they become cheaper.

While researching the topic I found a YouTuber who goes by CultOfMush who produces videos every month or so on PC builds you can do for under certain price ranges. I will use some of his builds with perhaps a slight tweak or two depending on what I find.

I will give a quick rundown of each price range with each range getting their own detailed in-depth article later own. The price ranges will be as follows $200-$300, $400-$500, $600-$700, and $800-$900+.The primary goal will be to hit that sweet spot of $300-$600. Any gaming PC between those prices should give you enough to run the modern games no questions about it. The reason I include a price range above $700 is because I have not seen hide nor hair of an article, or video on cheap hydro-cooling systems. They are really efficient so I feel it is only right we shed light on some of the cheaper hydro-cooling solutions.

From personal experience if building a PC is something you just do not feel comfortable with I would recommend the GUA880 from CyberPowerPC. It can run most current games at medium graphics levels. I have not played games like Battlefield 4 but based on the recommended specs I would guess you could run it on medium at 720p.

Also, it is worth mentioning that GPU’s are one of the easiest things to upgrade on a PC. I also have Amazon Prime so I will try to add both prices when we get to the shopping list for each build. While I am an avid amazon user I will also compare prices from places like newegg.com.

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