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From The People Who Brought You Guacamelee!… Here’s Severed

From The People Who Brought You Guacamelee!… Here’s Severed


DrinkBox Studios has announced there next title, Severed, and we have a trailer.

When I hear the name Severed for a game title I automatically think survival horror or something alike. DrinkBox Studios apparently has a different idea with a FPS gesture based fantasy game. Quite a different stretch given the title but I was a huge fan of Guacamelee! that I will be willing to give it chance given my odd expectations. In fact, let us take a look at the first trailer for Severed and see how it is looking and how the gameplay will pan out a bit.

Ok, now that is about what I expected to see from DrinkBox as Severed looks to fit the art style they recently used. Don’t read that as a bad thing either as I found the visuals appealing and fun. Although I will admit that it looks like some of the old art was just re-purposed for Severed but it works. At least for me and possibly others.

I am a bit curious about the gameplay and how that will pan out. Severed looks like it would fit well on the PS Vita or 3DS but I have a feeling those are to the only platforms that DrinkBox is looking to only go for. Unless maybe those are Kinect and Move controls as well. That becomes a whole other can of worms though. A can of worms I am not sure many will receive very well. We will total see though as Severed is still slated for a spring 2015 release date. Also, while ambitious, I think it was a typo as the target retail price for Severed was penned as $1 million.

Maybe, Severed is just for the super wealthy and this is a Holodeck platform game where your fingers would be doing the “severing.” Now that I would totally get behind blindly. Make it happen DrinkBox!