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PHYSINT Could Be Taking Us Back Into The Action-Espionage Genre

PHYSINT Could Be Taking Us Back Into The Action-Espionage Genre


PHYSINT (working title) has been teased out there with PHYSINT seeing Kojima heading back to some roots

There have been a few things circling about for Kojima Productions as of the latest State Of Play event and those looking only at the trailers might have missed the sly announcement for PHYSINT. This is a working title for the next title the studio is going to be working on after Death Stranding 2, so expect that to change. What you should not expect to change for PHYSINT, though, is that it will be a title that will have the designer and studio heading back into the action-espionage genre of video games again. Given that they cannot work on the one that brought the head of the studio so much fame, it would make sense that a new IP could be born from it all. This is just the title and here is what is known about it for now.

Spoiler alert, not much is known for PHYSINT outside of what we mentioned above. It was even slipped out there in the normal Hideo Kojima way to have others think it is genius but also have everyone even wonder why we should care at this moment. Either way, this title is on the way and will kick off production once the other massive titles are dropped out there for us. PHYSINT also looks to be a title that has the aim to cross boundaries in the various mediums as it was teased. This is with film and music on top of the video game side of things. Given that Sony and PlayStation are behind this, and the other film rights for the other IPs, it would not be strange to see this aspiring film director finally get the chance to move into all of that just as he is about to celebrate 40 years in the game development space.

PHYSINT (working title) — Action-Espionage Game

Kojima Productions officially announced a new “Action-Espionage Game” on “State of Play”

With the full support of SIE, this new action espionage game will use cutting-edge technology and a stellar cast to deliver an experience like no other. Blurring the boundaries between film and games, offering near-life-like graphics and a new take on interactive entertainment.

Anyone who follows along with the site here by now should know I hate announcements like the one we have for PHYSINT. There is next to nothing for it, we are going to have to wait years to find out more, and all of the fans are going to go crazy building hype for nothing but a game title and the developer. An announcement that there is an announcement coming. Sure, this worked for the likes of P.T., but that was something to actually experience even if what was teased never came to light. All I am saying here is to temper those hopes and dreams for what PHYSINT could actually be for now. Know that a new deal has been signed by the publisher and developer. Then sit back and wait for Death Stranding 2 to actually release before looking toward whatever they are going to work on in the future.

Have you already become overly excited for what PHYSINT could be or have you been able to keep some cool? Do you think this is a response to not being able to develop Metal Gear anymore or is this a wholly new idea that will have little to link to the other? When do you think we will actually see or hear anything solid for this new title and how long will everyone ride on this pseudo celebrity status to falsely hype up the community? Sneak on into the comment section to let us all know your thoughts on all of this and everything else that we have going on. When we have more for PHYSINT, do know we will have it here. We will just try to share any real updates for it moving forward now that we know that something is coming.

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