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PlayStation 4 Is Getting Real Now

PlayStation 4 Is Getting Real Now

The PlayStation 4 is even closer to launch now, it’s creeping up so fast, and there are already talks about a day one update for the firmware. Not too concerning there as I am sure all of the systems that are being shipped out have been packaged up for a little bit now and the software should be an ever-evolving beast. That’s not the main topic here. The main topic is that with the launch coming up one of the ‘new’ features that we will be allowed to use with the PSN on the PlayStation 4 is the ability to display our real names instead of our gamer handle. There’s the topic I wanted to discuss.

It isn’t something that is mandatory like other companies and games have tried in the past, but it is a real option. This is something that is also coming to the Xbox One as well so calm down PlayStation 4 haters. The better question is why do we as gamers care? Wasn’t the reason for the gamer tag/handle to allow us to have some anonymity online while claiming we raped our opponent’s mothers? Or at least to let us feel as cool as Matthew Lillard and Angelina Jolie from the 90’s; am I right? I could have sworn it was also there to allow for us to have that extra step of separation from the real world while having our virtual fun in the game’s world, whatever world that may be. I could be wrong or crazy though.

Enough on the soap box for now.

For those of you who care about having your real name or real name as far as Facebook care, on your PlayStation 4 then here is a feature that will be coming with launch. I’m not sure why this is something all that grand, but it’s there and coming soon for the Xbox One (again for the PS4 haters). I just wonder how long it will be until it will be required for real names to be displayed alongside the virtual name…

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