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PlayStation 4 Owners In For A Surprise At Launch

PlayStation 4 Owners In For A Surprise At Launch

PlayStation 4 Owners Will Be Getting A Nice Little Surprise With Their New Console…Free PS+, PSN Funds, And A Music Unlimited Trial

Isn’t this a nice way to make sure everyone who purchases a PlayStation 4 at launch is a little more pleased? Everyone who gets the new console is going to have the three vouchers depicted in the image to the right in the box. That’s right. You will be getting a free $10 to the PSN so you can upgrade CoD or AC4 for free or purchase anything else you may want to spend $10 on. You’ll also get access to PS+ for a month for free that will stack with your current subscription. Also if you care about it, you’ll be getting a trial for Music Unlimited. They really want that to take off don’t they?

I won’t complain about getting free stuff but it really feels more like a ploy to help with user satisfaction. I have no doubts that the PlayStation 4 will be, now or down the road, a great investment but this makes me wonder why they are already giving out what they did during the great PSN Apocalypse a while back. This is just me speculating and seeing a PR preempt so please don’t think I know something that I am not sharing; it is quite simply me seeing the world through my skewed view.

In any instance, don’t hesitate on using these codes once you get them. They are timed and will most likely expire a month after launch as seems the instance with all of their other codes handed out to the world. I hope there are more of these surprises in the next week; I said I love free stuff. Gods I can’t believe we are a week out from the PlayStation 4’s launch…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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