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Pull The Strings & Let The Show Begin With Once Upon A Puppet

Pull The Strings & Let The Show Begin With Once Upon A Puppet

Once Upon A Puppet

There will be some strings on our Puppet as we head into a new adventure with Once Upon A Puppet

A new world and story will be unfolding out there with the reveal of Once Upon A Puppet. A new platforming and puzzle game on the way from Flatter Than Earth for the PC when it is ready for us all to experience. This would be their title they have been toiling away at for a while now and looks to be in a state where it could be hitting us in 2024. At the very least, it is at a solid state where the team is ready to show off the puppet and world that we will be working our way through. Along with our stage-hand friend who makes the other part of the gameplay part of the fun out there. Let us have a look at just what will be on the way.

In Once Upon A Puppet, we will take up the roles of the aforementioned marionette and the whimsical stage hand that is controlling it through some magical strings. All so we can wander about the theatrical world and put together our own little stage play. All while moving about the sets, collecting costumes, and meeting a massive cast of characters that would be out there putting on the performances of their lives. Our characters will navigate all of that while also taking on the various other villainous creatures set out to make sure the show does not go on. That means it will be up to us to make sure everything goes as planned and the fate of the arts will continue on in the Kingdom of Theater. A mighty task to undertake, indeed.

Once Upon A Puppet — Teaser

Once Upon A Puppet is a magical tale that combines platforming, puzzles, in-depth stories, and danger around every corner, that unfolds within a world ruled by a sorrowful King who yearns to create the perfect story. Players take on the roles of Nieve, a Stagehand exiled to the Understage, and Drev, a Puppet bound to her by a magical spool and thread. As they strive to disentangle themselves and return to the theater above, they retell forgotten stories and uncover the dark secrets of the Understage, ultimately realizing their destinies are intertwined with the fate of the Kingdom of Theater.

Inspired by the art and beauty of theater, Once Upon A Puppet introduces players to a universe of stage play, where a vibrant cast of characters, a plethora of theatrical sets, an array of collectible costumes, a dose of dramatic flair, and some wholehearted vaudeville humor all come together, setting the stage for an experience that blends player and performer.

At the heart of the game is its theatrical setting, allowing players to immerse themselves in puppet-inspired gameplay, with a distinctive approach to action, movement, and puzzle-solving. Players will control both Drev and Nieve, using their unique abilities to navigate through an exquisite environment.

And remember. It is not where we choose to shine the spotlight, but in the shadows of theater that the greatest threats lie…


  • Act As Puppet & Puppeteer: Pull the strings and master the art of puppetry in this unique approach to action, movement, and creative puzzle-solving.
  • A Troupe Of Characters: Meet an ensemble cast of dozens of Major and Supporting characters, featuring hundreds of lines of handcrafted dialogue.
  • Deadly Shadows: Face a horde of villainous creatures who will do all they can to snuff out the lights and bring the show to an untimely end.
  • A Meticulously Crafted World: Marvel at the stylized and detailed graphics that reinforce the magic of theater, with stages that fluctuate between past and present.
  • Set The Scene: Arrange and move props, backdrops, and characters to rebuild theatrical stages, and re-enact scenes to unveil what befell the once proud World Stage.
  • Enchanting Soundscapes: Be captivated by a rich, theatrical soundtrack and immersive sound effects that bring the world of Once Upon A Puppet to life.

There have been a few other titles in the past like what we have described here for Once Upon A Puppet, and each has been a marvel in its own right. That is what I am currently seeing for this one with its own visual style and approach to what we are going to have to do in the game. The story might need a little punching up for my likes, but there is still a bit of time to get all of that resolved and perfected. All so we can have one more puppet to cheer for in the world, even if it looks like our hand will be doing most of the work. That is how the art of it all works in the world anyway, so I guess all of that tracks. Let us just hope that they keep the massive ball rolling and the game hits just as hard as all of the others.

Have you enjoyed the other titles in the past that focused on a puppet for the core gameplay or is it a weird niché that I find myself in? Do you think that we will see some truly over-the-top villains in this one or will they follow the same line as so many? Will the supporting cast actually support us or will they just be the glorified NPCs that we normally get in titles like this? Wander on into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we can share with the world out there. When there is more to share for Once Upon A Puppet, we will share it on the site and our channels. Please keep a close eye out for all of those updates and the many others we have in the works for now.

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