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PWNED Radio Interview Sunday & MTV Finds PWNED.com

PWNED Radio Interview Sunday & MTV Finds PWNED.com

PWNED Radio talks about the trademark issues

First let me thank Stephen Totilo for reading my recent article that I wrote about the entire situation with a company (Futuremark) thinking they deserve the rights to Trademark the word “PWNAGE”. So if you love PWNED.com please hit up the links and read all about it.

Onto the other great and amazing news. Our very own Andy Briggs COO/Director of Development and Fun along with me “BlueWolf72” will be on:


PWNED RADIO Sunday’s 8PM-10PM EST 97.1FM/1270A is proud to announce Andy (PWNED) and Aaron (BlueWolf72) will be live on the PWNED RADIO SHOW. This Sunday March 9th 2008 – 8PM – 10PM EST

If you want to tune in and chat with the show and show some awesome PWNED support we would love it and very much appreciate it.


Special thanks to PWNED Radio for asking us to join the show. Another special thanks to all of you for making this site and idea fun. Your support along with you promoting PWNED.com has helped in so many ways. To think PWNED.com making it on a real radio station, I think it is sweet!

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