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Quantum Error Is Announced & Bringing Us All More Cosmic-Horror

Quantum Error Is Announced & Bringing Us All More Cosmic-Horror

Quantum Error

A new horror title, Quantum Error, has been announced and it looks like the PlayStation systems will be getting some new cosmic-horror with Quantum Error

It looks like we have another PS5 title, as well as a PS4 one, to add into the mix, as we have the announcement of Quantum Error. This is the next big title to come to us out of TeamKill Media on the Unreal 4 engine and all takes place in a new cosmic-horror setting. Well, maybe not new as it looks like we might be going underwater for it all, but it is something new. Not only new but one of the few titles we have had announced for the PS5 as of late here. Even if there is very little to take in on Quantum Error here outside of a trailer that might be showing some work-in-progress gameplay here. Maybe?

This is where we are getting most of our information for Quantum Error, as there is little to no information written out or explained as of yet. There are many mentions of not looking above and looking below for it all. Then we get to see what looks like the normal station hallways that have been ravaged by something. If the end of the trailer here is anything to explain, it looks like zombies or possessed humans in the mix of the normal spider-like creatures used to evoke the fears of many. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer to get exactly what is up for Quantum Error, but you can see it all in motion just below.

Quantum Error — Announcement

Quantum Error is a cosmic-horror first-person shooter currently in development by TeamKill Media for the PS5 and PS4.

Do you think that we are correct in stating Quantum Error will be going down in an underwater facility or is all of that talk about “Hell” or some other form of Underworld out there? Do you think these are just zombies at the end or are they something completely different for us to experience? What other beasts do you think we are going to get that are normally cosmic-horror here or will they only be the usual staples of the genre? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. For more on Quantum Error, be sure to keep checking back in here. We will keep it all flowing out to you as fast as we can.

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