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Quantum Error Will Have Us Descend Into More Horror Next Month

Quantum Error Will Have Us Descend Into More Horror Next Month

Quantum Error

The release date for Quantum Error is set in November with some being able to play Quantum Error this coming Halloween

We are almost there to dive further into another cosmic horror setting with Quantum Error hitting the PS4 and PS5 on November 3rd out there. There are still plans for TeamKill Media to bring the game to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC but those are down the line still. No matter the case, Quantum Error is poised to land on us all right after the Halloween season this year. That is, unless you are looking to get some early access to the game which will kick off on October 31st. Just under the wire to give us a horror game during the holiday of horror out there.

Now that we know when Quantum Error is coming, we can have a look at just what we should get excited about for the game. Here, we get to see Capt. Jacob Thomas out there trying to fight fire with fire. A weird thing since Jacob is a firefighter who finds themselves in this weird setting, but it could have been worse. It looks like Jacob will react and adjust rather quickly in Quantum Error from the gameplay we have to see below. It looks like guns and special weapons out there will be needed to take on the various horrors and Jacob does not seem to slouch at that. Have a look to get ready for the impending release of the game and see what some will have to experience well before others out there.

Quantum Error — PS5 Gameplay

Descend into a cosmic horror journey as Capt. Jacob Thomas, a firefighter thrown into the unknown as you try to save lives and fight against more than fire. Available 11/03/23. Preorder now for early access. 10% Discount for PlayStation Plus Members. Early access begins Halloween, 10/31/23.

To me, Quantum Error looks like it is going to be another take on the Dead Space kind of thing out there. Not a terrible thing, but something that has not been recaptured perfectly in a long while. Given that this is a smaller studio than the others that have tried, it could be the next big thing or just one more to cash in on the genre and style of things. I will be hopeful that Quantum Error is going to be bringing us all more and improving on a working formula for video games, but will have to hold those reservations until I see the proof. Thankfully, that is only a few weeks from now, so that will be an easier wait than many others we have endured in the past.

What do you think about Quantum Error as it all stands here and do you think it will give us more of the gameplay we all hope for? Will this take us into a space setting at some point or will all of the cosmic horror stuff stay grounded and just manipulate the world around Jacob here? When do you think the other platforms will have their chance at the game and will it be before the end of the year? Take to the comments and let us all know your thoughts on this. We will share all that we can for Quantum Error as it comes, so please keep on checking back for that and everything else we can cover on the site for you.

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