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We Had A Quiet God Of War Announcement Happen Recently

We Had A Quiet God Of War Announcement Happen Recently

God Of War

During the God Of War retrospective panel at the PlayStation Experience Cory Barlog let loose that a new title was in the works, only very quietly

Looks like there is a new God Of War title in the works according to Cory Barlog. During the PlayStation Experience there was a nifty panel that took place in the form of a God Of War retrospective. Pretty much it was a celebration and fun event for all fans of the franchise to relive the fun and talk to some of the minds behind the famed franchise. I unfortunately missed out on it while I was previewing the father of God Of War‘s new IP Drawn To Death. This looks to have been a slight mistake as Cory Barlog pretty much confirmed that we are getting yet another title for the franchise.

The short and dirty version of it goes that during the panel the hot question was “When are we going to see a new God Of War title?” After hearing this an umpteen amount of times Cory directly stated that they are working on a new God Of War title. Then moved on to keep of the topic as he most likely wasn’t even supposed to divulge that little bit of information. Especially after seeing the joking tweet sent out by Santa Monica Studios quickly after the words left his mouth.

Outside of that there is nothing more on a new God Of War title. Well outside of the fact that a follow up question did reveal that they will not be making a prequel with the next God Of War title. Some speculation has pointed to a possible reboot for the overall franchise as the ending of God Of War III did leave things a little rough to no make a prequel but that of course is just speculation. Just so you can have a look though here is said panel straight out of the PlayStation Experience.

God Of War — Retrospective Panel

Words cannot express the excitement I have as this is my number one franchise and has been since I gave the first title a chance while scrounging up the cash to give it a play. I know I am kind of hoping for a sequel and not a reboot to the God Of War franchise. There are some many ways that God Of War could go moving forward. Granted it would mean taking a few risks that are not well accepted in the video game industry but it could be done. I just hope they don’t use any of the concepts that originally got nixed for the first two titles in the franchise.

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