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Raise Your Blown Up Hand If You Want More Tales From The Borderlands

Raise Your Blown Up Hand If You Want More Tales From The Borderlands

Tales From The Borderlands

A new batch of screenshots and images from Tales From The Borderlands have been released for us to peruse

Just in case you needed a break from blowing up part of the United States we have a new batch of screenshots for Tales From The Borderlands. Hey, it’s even a break for those of you out there who need a break from reading about all of us ‘muricans blowing up our country to celebrate being free to do so. To go one further it is also for all of you who are reading this in the ER for being too ‘murican and blew off a few fingers while saying “Hold my beer…this is going to be awesome.” We’ll cover the whole gamut for everyone out there today.

Unfortunately, just like the fireworks in the sky, there is nothing more than the pretty visuals here to see for Tales From The Borderlands. We could speculate but then that would take me away from my July 4th celebrating, you wouldn’t be paying attention due to severed limb, or you clicked this hoping for real updates on the game but only got the screenshots here. That all being the most likely case we will keep things light with just the images and the reminder that Vaugh will be voiced by Chris Hardwick of House Of 1000 Corpses fame.

So yea, how you like? Most likely not much but here are those Tales From The Borderlands screens for you to look at. Now get back to blowing things up, hearing about us blowing things up, or getting you thumbs reattached so you can play Tales From The Borderlands when it comes out. Silly ‘muricans.

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