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Ready Or Not Hopes You Are Ready For The Full Launch Of The Game

Ready Or Not Hopes You Are Ready For The Full Launch Of The Game

Ready Or Not

The full launch for Ready Or Not is finally out there so we can all experience the 1.0 version of Ready Or Not now

It has been a few years in the making, but the full release for Ready Or Not is finally out there on the PC. You can now get your intense, tactical, shooter on with VOID Interactive putting the final touches on the game after being in Early Access for a while now. The 1.0 release for Ready Or Not is ready for you to jump in and become that member of SWAT who needs to be called in to save the day or end a massive conflict in the world. Yes, this is a police game and not one based on the horror film of the same name. Sorry to the few of you out there who clicked in thinking that would be the case here. Nonetheless, let us see what is here for the game.

Just as one would assume for a game like Ready Or Not, we will be heading out into the full world to get called in for the massive uptick in violent crimes in the area. The area is a Los Sueños with all manner of crime going down that we are called in for. All as we see SWAT do what we all know them to do out there. The twist in this video looks as if we might actually deal with some of the mental toll that might take on some of those who are not corrupt out there. I think this might be more where the Ready Or Not side of things might come in. As in, are we ready to deal with the mental stress of it all or not? That could be me overthinking it all while ignoring the fun shooting and hero worship this arm of the law normally gets instead.

Ready Or Not — Are You Ready?

Ready Or Not is an intense, tactical, first-person shooter that depicts a modern-day world in which SWAT police units are called to defuse hostile and confronting situations.

Los Sueños – The LSPD reports a massive upsurge in violent crime across the greater Los Sueños area. Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams have been dispatched to respond to various scenes involving high-risk hostage situations, active bomb threats, barricaded suspects, and other criminal activities. Citizens are being advised to practice caution when traveling the city or to stay at home.

It has been noted that while Los Sueños is still seen as a city where riches can be found, for many more the finer things in life are becoming less and less obtainable. “The city is sprawling with cramped high-rise apartments and decaying affordable housing, which has been exploited by the criminal underground like a malevolent parasite,” states Chief Galo Álvarez. “In a city where people are just trying to survive, lawful action from the LSPD and the LSPD SWAT team remains an integral force preventing the stretched thin social fabric in this city from snapping under this chaotic strain.”

In response to the burgeoning violent crime wave inundating Los Sueños, Chief Álvarez of the LSPD has enlisted the stalwart support of David ‘Judge’ Beaumont as the Commander of the LSPD SWAT team. Shortly following this announcement, the LSPD has also confirmed active recruitment for additional talent to join this specialized tactical police unit with the mission of bringing peace back to the city.

“This assignment is not for the faint of heart,” comments Commander Beaumont, “Extremists, crooked politicians, countless weapons, human trafficking, and illicit drugs and pornography… the world of policing in Los Sueños is fraught with real and harsh realities, realities that the everyday person isn’t necessarily confronted with. These are realities that you will need to navigate with your team within the proper bounds of the law or face the consequences and make matters worse.”

The Los Sueños Policed Department has officially posted new details on Commander “Judge” Beaumont’s updated assignment with the LSPD SWAT team:

  • New Expectations: Whether this is your first time in Los Sueños or not, the city has changed and so too have the tools and methods with which we conduct our work. The haunts you might have seen or heard about are re-imagined, and so have the angles with which we approach each call. Furthermore, we’ve received reports that identify at least 4 new high-risk police districts which we suspect may require future tactical intervention, plus at least 4 existing high-risk districts that underwent massive upheavals.
  • Take Command: The role of the Commander of the LSPD SWAT is to compose their team from a large roster with unique talents, give tactical orders, meticulously plan, and carry out missions. Commanders are obligated to conduct each mission with integrity and look after their team’s mental and physical health. Officers with unaddressed deteriorating mental status may be unable to properly perform their duties or even feel compelled to quit the force. Incapacitated officers may be temporarily unavailable for missions, with the tragic prospect of death leading to a permanent loss. For SWAT Commanders in unusual circumstances based on individual choices they opt for, deadly mistakes may lead to their own permanent fatality.
  • SWAT Team Quality Enhancement: Much anticipated improved SWAT training procedures, tactics, and experience in the LSPD has led to an overall increase in the quality and quantity of officers in our roster. Expanded tactical versatility allows our officers to take on any challenge with renewed confidence, blending coordination and independence seamlessly. There is also additional basic training now available to SWAT members to keep foundational knowledge and muscle memory in top shape.
  • Equipment And Customization: We have access to the best weapons and equipment that the LSPD can offer to fulfill our exceptionally dangerous role, including many new acquisitions. However, customization isn’t limited to the equipment we use. Through close-knit comradery while performing remarkable actions alongside the team, you’ll earn the clothes you wear, the patches on your sleeves, the artwork that may adorn your skin, and potentially even the timepiece on your wrist. Lastly, we have overhauled our headquarters’ training facilities to better test our loadouts before heading out on call.

I have not been full up on Ready Or Not before this announcement, but it does look like it can offer a unique experience. Especially if we aim to go on the side of the darkness that could be out there for those in the SWAT teams. Other games have covered topics like this in similar ways, and I hope that is where the story of Ready Or Not truly goes. These humans are put into pretty harsh situations with only the bad apples being the public examples out there. There are a lot of those, but maybe this one will show us what happens to the good apples that only want to better the world but have to see the harder sides of it all in the process. Something a bit deep for a SWAT simulation game, but I would be all about it.

Have you been experiencing what Ready Or Not has been placing out there before the full launch or did you hold off to get the 1.0 version of it all? Do you think it will dig deeper into some of the mental aspects of the characters or is that all just for this little trailer? Will this humanize the characters more for us not in the industry or will it only be seen as a SWAT sim title with nothing else to go on? Head into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to offer up to the world. We will share anything further for Ready Or Not if we get it, so please keep on checking back for those updates and any others we get along the way.

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