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Review: #killallzombies

Review: #killallzombies


We Sit Down And Review #killallzombies. How does this PS4 isometric shooter hold up? Does it use Twitch to its full extent?

There are many developers out there trying to make something unique using zombies and Beatshapers is trying just that with #killallzombies. #killallzombies being an isometric shooter that ties into your personal Twitch or YouTube stream to allow others to not only watch but to interact with the game directly. It is a fast paced, zombie killing title but is it worth your time and money? Let me give you a break down in our review of #killallzombies.


There is no direct story for #killallzombies but one can look at it all as this is an alternate world where humanity has survived the zombie apocalypse and needs some entertainment. Contestants choose to enter an arena that will be flooded with zombies, weapons, and weird events all while they try to kill all the zombies. The twist here is that the audience gets to vote on what will occur while they are running around and surviving. We get to place all of our fates in the hands of the audience…


As I mentioned above #killallzombies can have specific things controlled by spectators of the game. This includes all of the perks too. This is nice and all except that some of the perks that they can control INSTANTLY end your session of #killallzombies. You can see this in the below live gameplay I recorded while playing for review. Granted this doesn’t kill the game for you but it does allow for people to kill a streak you may have been working on after 80 seconds of voting. This actually seemed to happen too often for me instead of having beneficial perks pop up.

This also seemed to happen even when I was not streaming the video nor had any spectators watching me play #killallzombies. Since I was so engaged in killing everything in the game I never noticed that the two options that were being voted on where “kill the player” or “kill everything” options and I found the match ending out of nowhere. I get the option but it is one of those options that should be limited while it is not. I could only imagine how frustrating this would be if I had a plethora of people who hated me and just wanted to troll my Twitch stream.

Slightly linked to the above would also be the perks in general for #killallzombies. These would be the bonuses that you garner by leveling up through kills. Correct me if I am off base but aren’t perks supposed to be helpful? Don’t get me wrong as there are some that are extremely helpful but I found that many were more hurtful and made #killallzombies too difficult at lower levels when you need the help. Some of them should be locked out until you reach a specific level or wave in the match.


Even with the above issues I actually really loved the whole interactivity of #killallzombies while streaming. While many of the voting rounds led to me having a bigger drawback or game ending result some of the time users would get those bonuses to spawn just in the nick of time to keep me going. This ranged from random events, health, and the best weapons in #killallzombies. You know, what Beatshapers really wanted to happen when you play #killallzombies. When these fired off the game was perfect and insanely fun.

Next up, and you’ll see this at the start of the video below, the music and audio for the game were top notch. #killallzombies is supposed to be a fast paced zombie killing spree and the music completely gets you pumped and ready for wave after wave of the undead. Even when it is being drowned out by all of the explosions and random other sounds of the game the music does just what it should in #killallzombies. Just as music in video games should. Way to go on that Beatshapers it helps the whole experience.

Lastly, the control scheme and use of everything in #killallzombies was easy and intuitive to master…even though it is hard to completely master the game altogether. It may look quite basic from the gameplay but it works perfectly and without any glitches. It could be that simpler is better as other titles get bogged down by complex controller schemes but there were none of those issues in #killallzombies. Even when I was the one screwing things up it was hard to blame the game’s design over my fast and incorrect button presses. There is no blaming the controller for screw ups in #killallzombies.

#killallzombies — Live Gameplay


If you have a PS4 and a Twitch stream then you should pick up #killallzombies. It is a fun and mindless title that keeps the fun going no matter how long you keep playing. Granted, if you have a lot of people trolling you on your streaming service it could make things a bit difficult to get to later stages in #killallzombies but this feels more like an isolated thing…unless you are a dick in life. #killallzombies is well worth the price and while not a full AAA title it will help pass the time between title launches and has some real staying power in my opinion. That of course means everything there.

#killallzombies — Launch Trailer

#killallzombies was developed and published by Beatshapers for the PS4. #killallzombies released on October 28th, 2014. A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes.