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Review: Metro 2033 Redux

Review: Metro 2033 Redux

Metro 2033 Redux

We Sit Down And Review Metro 2033 Redux. It’s been over four years since it first released so how well does it upgrade?

When we think of HD re-masters of games we generally look at them as being quick cash grabs instead of allowing the developers to truly show off their vision of the game they originally built. Metro 2033 Redux is another title in the mix that may not have seen the full light due to limitations on hardware on both ends of the spectrum. Well 4A Games was given the chance to give it the full polish and I was able to play through Metro 2033 the way I think they wanted to build the game the first time around. Here’s what I thought and experienced.


The year is 2033 and 20 years ago there was an all-out nuclear war that ravaged the world. The outside world is now covered in mutated animals and creatures to add to the fallout and radiation plaguing the world of Metro 2033. This of course drove many people to find shelter and in Russia that meant heading to the underground Metro systems. We take on the role of Artyom, one of the first to be born into this new world and trained Ranger. His home is being threatened by what the populace has called Dark Ones and now Artyom has to set out to save his home and in turn…the world of sorts.


Visually Metro 2033 Redux has progressed leaps and bounds from the original version of the game. Not only that but it is downright impressive even with current games being developed. It is no MGSV or Advanced Warfare but Metro 2033 Redux could easily be confused for a game that was originally developed in 2014 and not given an upgrade from a title that came out four years ago. The new engine and upgraded models alone would have made this the “definitive edition” of Metro 2033 in my book.

Visuals aside now, the addition of gameplay mechanics that came in Last Light and moved over to Metro 2033 Redux are greatly appreciated. I’ll be honest, I never played Metro 2033 when it first came out but I can’t imagine playing the game without having Ranger, Survival, or Spartan Mode. During my play I tried out Survival mode which turned Metro 2033 into more of a survival horror title than an action title. This is the way I prefer my games instead of high action. I was not brave enough to strip away the HUD with Ranger mode but that totally adds in a level of replay to the whole experience moving forward.

Lastly, and I only know this from watching play through videos from before, I love the more cinematic view that was taken when delivering the story of Metro 2033. Some of the scenes were completely re-scripted to achieve this and I think it makes some of the moments of Metro 2033 Redux stand out way more. This is all based of a critically acclaimed novel after all so it makes sense to have the story shine more in the game here with the gameplay and shooting added on to enforce it all. This is how an upgrade should be handled for games moving forward.


So, given all of the updates and praise I have for Metro 2033 Redux I was thinking it would be a bit on the hard side to find something I didn’t like or felt aided in the game. The glaring thing I know of was the enemy AI. This could be just my play through but I encountered many instances where I was standing in plain view of the enemy and they just walked right by without taking notice. Both human and mutants did this to me. In one spot, Dead City, I was surrounded by about 10 different mutants who kept running back and forth and all around me. Even after I shot a few they did nothing. This didn’t ruin the overall experience of Metro 2033 Redux but it took me out of the game a bit as I wondered why I was invisible.

This issue also extended in another way where enemies received Super Powers and could see through walls and cover with the greatest of ease. Not only see, but their attacks were not hindered at all once they somehow knew I was behind a two foot think concrete wall. This wasn’t fully game breaking at all but it was more of an annoyance as there was no real consistency to when and how the enemies could access this “glitch” or super power to spot and kill me. I don’t believe it drove me to any actual deaths but it sure depleted my Health packs quickly.


At the end of the day I would have to say that Metro 2033 Redux is a great rendition of the game. I have yet to hear of others having the same AI and clipping issues that I experienced why playing so it may be an isolated incident. As for those who have already played or own the original Metro 2033, if you want to experience the game in a whole new way then this is that way. Granted, that is only speaking to the Windows and 360 gamers out there as Metro 2033 Redux will most likely be their first experience. Just like with Tomb Raider this is the version of the game you should all want to experience.

Metro 2033 Redux is only half of the package here and a review for Metro: Last Light Redux is on its way. Look for it here soon.

Metro 2033 Redux was re-mastered by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Metro 2033 Redux released on August 26th, 2014. A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes.

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