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Review: Race The Sun

Review: Race The Sun

Race The Sun

We sit down and review Race The Sun from Flippfly on Steam.

What’s more fun than a futile high speed chase to keep yourself from dying? The gentlemen at Flippfly have given us just that with Race The Sun, a simple yet difficult racing game where you must avoid walls, spires, fish, blocks, and even shadows to delay your imminent death.

Flippfly is an indie game studio that was started by two brothers in 2012. Their experience in both web design and video game programming has led them to create amazing works of video gaming art that haven’t been seen before. The Prototypes page on the Flippfly website has a couple of their early projects. Race The Sun is the first game to be released on Steam.

Race The Sun is a 3D racing solo racing game where you play as a Solar Powered ship as it tries to stay alive by keeping in the sunlight and avoiding various objects. Side swiping walls and other objects will slow you down, causing the son to get closer to the horizon and casting larger shadows. Driving through the shadows, will cause your ship to lose power and slow down even further. Once your ship loses power, it is game over. You earn points by progressing through the levels for as long as you can and picking up point power-ups called “Tris”. Every five Tris without a collision will increase your point multiplier. The farther you go, the higher on the leader boards you will rank. The world you race in changes every day and the leader boards are recent each day as well.

Race The Sun has a simple control system using the arrow keys to move left and right, and the space bar to activate the power-up you are holding. There are challenges that you can complete which will increase your player level, giving you access to upgrades for your ship and unlocks new features that affect the world as you race. The game also features an intricate world creator that will allow people to alter worlds and even create brand new ones to share in the Steam Workshop. There is also a contest going on till the 24th of March to celebrate the recent Workshop support going live on March 10th. Players can create a world and enter it into the contest through the Workshop. Details for the contest can be found on the Flippfly news blog.

Race The Sun is a very relaxing high speed game, that will capture your attention for hours at a time. And with new worlds being created and updated by users daily, there is no way you can ever run out of things to do. Race The Sun is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and can be purchased DRM free directly from Flippfly or from Steam for $10 USD.

Race The Sun was developed and Published by Flippfly LLC. A copy of the game was received by Flippfly for review purposes. The game currently retails for $10 USD on Steam and the Race The Sun website.

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