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Review: WWE 2K14

Review: WWE 2K14

WWE 2K14

We Review WWE 2K14. Does It Live Up To Its Predecessors?

After THQ closed down many wondered what would happen to the annual WWE franchise but thanks to 2K games we are here with WWE 2K14. WWE 2k14 holds a great number of improvements over its predecessor and makes an upgrade well worth the cash.


There were not many things that I hated about WWE 2K14 as the annual entries are always pretty solid. My only gripe was the games commentary. More than half of the commentary for this game seems to be taken from previous entries or said in a slightly different way. If you played last year’s version you have already heard most of the commentary for this game. You would think that after all this time they would have Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler record more lines of commentary for the game.


One of the first things that I noticed about WWE 2K14 is how smooth the gameplay is compared to last year’s game. The reversals now translate into moves instead of the endless chain grapples of past games. This does a great job to speed up the gameplay and keeps the action going.

WWE 2K14’s new take on a single player mode is 30 Years Of WrestleMania. This takes the place of Attitude Mode. 30 Years of WrestleMania takes a look at some of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history. WrestleMania Mode is a great way to relive past matches and does a great job showcasing how much the WWE landscape has changed throughout the years. Personally I think that WrestleMania mode is far superior to that of Attitude Mode as it covers much more history and features more of the legendary superstars. 30 years Of WrestleMania works the same way that Attitude Mode did each; match has a set of main objectives and historical objectives. Historical objectives are done to recreate the match just as it happened in real life. They will need to be completed to secure most of the unlockables.


WWE 2K14 is a great improvement over an already solid formula even with the few issues the game has. With great DLC planed, this makes the package even sweater. The game is well worth the money just for the 30 Years Of WrestleMania, with the rich history lesson the mode provides.

WWE 2K14 is a game published by 2K and developed by Yukes on October 29th 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A copy of the game was provided for review purposes.

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